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Highway To Market: helping clients expedite drug development timelines.

Eurofins CDMO (Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization) provides integrated, end to end solutions for preclinical & clinical outsourcing services of both Drug Substance/API and Drug Product for biologicals and small molecules. Learn More.

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Eurofins CDMO (Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization) helps pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies move rapidly from research stage of their drug development to clinical stages with integrated services to compress timelines to market.

From formulation screening and development, analytical development, stability studies and pre-clinical safety assessment studies to sterile and non-sterile manufacturing, IND/ IMPD and NDA/ CTD services, as well as clinical trial material including packaging and logistics, Eurofins CDMO delivers comprehensive solutions to streamline the development and manufacturing of a variety of product types, delivery systems and dosage forms.

With 13 state-of-the-art facilities in the US, Europe and India and global regulatory expertise, Eurofins CDMO provides high-quality, customized solutions for complex products and unique production processes, specializing in the development of innovative formulation technologies and solutions to enhance bioavailability and control drug release for difficult-to-formulate drug candidates.

Choose Eurofins CDMO to help you:

✔ Support our clients to move rapidly through the drug development value chain
✔ Perform complex formulation screening and development until sterile and non sterile manufacturing
✔ Accelerate process development and scale-up under GMP or non-GMP compliance
✔ Provide clinical trial material including packaging and logistics
✔ Ensure regulatory compliance throughout each stage of the development cycle with full CMC-RA support


CDMO Services

Pre-Clinical Services

Small Molecules - API Development & Manufacturing

Small Molecules - DP Development & Manufacturing

Biologics - DS/DP Development & Manufacturing

Sterile Manufacturing

Non-Sterile Manufacturing

Clinical Trial Material, Packaging & Logistics

Regulatory Services


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