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Important Notification
As we previously communicated, we are retiring the “Data On Line” functionalities on our historic Cerep and Panlabs websites. This change also includes the entire removal of the historic Panlabs website. This change will be effective on April 16, 2018. At this time, will be the single website to order and retrieve data for these services provided by Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services (EPDS). 

For historical studies, what actions do clients need to take and what is the potential impact of this change on my studies?
Studies started after November 15, 2017 are available on If you have completed studies prior to October of 2017, and have not already downloaded your data and results, you should do this as soon as possible. This action is required to ensure no disruption for your ability to access your historical data and reports that were previously found on our legacy Panlabs and Cerep systems. 

What happens if clients don’t download their historical data and reports?
If you have completed studies prior to Novemeber 15, 2017, and have not downloaded your data and results, you will have a disruption in your ability to access your historical data and reports that were previously found on our legacy Panlabs and Cerep systems.  Your historical data and reports are still archived at EPDS, and can be retrieved later, but this will require a specific request to our Client Services team and it will take additional time and may require additional fees. 

What happens if I don’t register for a new account for your new integrated website & eCommerce system?
Registering for your new account on will provide you with full access to all of your current quotes, orders, data and reports. Please note, from November 15, 2017 the data and reports for all new studies are now being posted to this new site.

If you do not register, you won’t be able to quickly access your data and reports online when your study completes.

Why are we retiring the Panlabs and Cerep website content, online catalog, and data portals?
We have been working for more than a year on a new website, integrated with an innovative eCommerce (eCOM) system, to make the purchasing process more seamless and streamlined for our clients. From inquiry to report, we want to deliver the info you want, at the right time, for your needs.  In September of 2017, we were excited to announce that our new Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services (EPDS) website and integrated eCommerce (eCOM) system was launched and is available. 

In parallel, as we have been communicating since this time, we have been inactivating the current Panlabs and Cerep website content, catalogs, online quoting & ordering, and Data On Line portals in defined phases, to completely transition to our new integrated website and eCommerce system.  For our websites and eCommerce systems to function appropriately, unfortunately we cannot keep these historical sites and systems active indefinitely. 

How do I register for the new integrated website and eCommerce system?
It is important to note that our new EPDS website and eCommerce system does require you to register again as a user, as we are unable to transfer your current Panlabs or Cerep registration info to the new website.  Start exploring the new site today and register for your new MyEPDS account at or just click on the button below

Registering is as EASY as 1, 2, 3:

1) Click on the registration button to the right

2) Create your user name, password, and submit

3) When you receive your authentication email, click the link to verify your registration

4) Your account will be validated by Eurofins and you will be notified by email when your account active.

Once you are registered for our new integrated system, you can generate quotes, place orders online, and receive data and reports from all of your studies on one website.

Where can I get more information about the new EPDS integrated website and eCommerce system?
To learn more about all of the new capabilities we’ve added to make the purchasing experience better and more efficient, and to experience the numerous functionality and user experience improvements we’ve added to our website content, start exploring by viewing our MyEPDS / Help support page.

 You can also contact our Client Services team at to discuss your questions and feedback