Eurofins Environment Testing Italy S.R.L.

Eurofins Environment Testing Italy S.R.L.

Via Austria, 25B
I-35127 Padova

Tel: +39 49 87 01 192
Fax: +39 49 76 29 935

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The laboratory was founded in 1989 and it specialises in environmental analysis. It performs environmental analysis on soil, water and groundwater, wastes, emissions and indoor air quality. It also provides consultancy services to clients covering workplace security, fire prevention, etc…

It follows high quality standards (EPA, ASTM, UNI, ISO, etc...) and it is an active member of the main environment proficiency testing for laboratories like UNICHIM, QUALITY CONSULT, ERA, FAPAS, etc...

Its management system for quality conforms to regulation UNI CEI EN ISO 17025, and it is also accredited by ACCREDIA for its execution of various testing methods.

The laboratory is also certified to meet ISO 9001:2008, the internationally recognized standard for quality management system." "Eurofins Environment Testing Italy has the most updated technological instruments such as ICP, GC, GC-MS, P&T, LC, etc...

The staff is highly qualified and regularly keep up to date on the latest technologies and methods. Only approved and validated techniques are applied (ISO, EN…).

The lab has a team of skilled technicians who goes directly on site to sample the materials to be analysed.

Clients can have real-time access to the status of the analysis through the reserved area on the lab website.

Eurofins Environment Testing Italy is specialized in analysis of PAH, VOC, metals, PCB, hydrocarbons, etc... in. soils waters, wastes and other environmental materials.

It is also specialised in the measurement of air emissions in all industrial sectors, as demanded by Italian laws. This unit offers sampling and analysis of gaseous effluents.

On emissions the laboratory performs a wide range of organic and inorganic analysis, including:

  • Dust and heavy metal contents
  • Inorganic pollutants such as HCl, HF, NH3…
  • Dioxins (sampling only), PAH and other organic trace pollutants
  • SO2, NOx, VOCs…


  • Field monitoring for the determination of the concentration of fiber in the air, with the MOCF and/or SEM methods (optical microscopy, contrasting with electron microscopy combined with x-rays).
  • Analysis on samples for the quantitative determination of asbestos typology.
  • Conservation estimate of materials containing asbestos.
  • Technical report of the estimation of the risk, with attached photographs and algorithm calculations.

Workplace Security:

  • Prepare and update of the risks evaluation document.
  • Prepare and update of the emergency and evacuation map.
  • Prepare for operative procedures for the execution of some activities.
  • Implementation of controlling rules with checklists.

Fire Prevention:

  • Prepare for fire prevention projects.
  • Estimate of the fire risks.
  • Assistance by firemen commands on the territory.
  • Fire water system trials.
  • Certificate renewal for fire prevention.

Electromagnetic emissions:

  • Measurement of electromagnetic emissions created by electro domestics and cell phones in external areas.
  • Measurement of electromagnetic emissions created by powerful electrical sources.
  • Measurements of exposition to electromagnetic emissions in workplaces.

Environmental and safety certification:

  • Planning and prepare of systems for the environmental management.
  • Consulting for the adoption of the security management OHSAS 18001 or UNI-INAIL
  • Prepare for executive and managerial procedure.
  • Assistance during certification.

Quality systems:

  • Consulting for application, maintaining and adjustments of the managerial processes of quality, according to UNI EN ISO 9000:2000 (Vision 2000).
  • Prepares for the control plan HACCP.


  • Requests preparation for the authorization of emissions.
  • Expectations for ground relapses by anticipated models.
  • Requests preparation for the authorization of civil and industrial drains waters.


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