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Eurofins has a large range of laboratories and IT development services based in Bangalore.


Eurofins Analytical Services India Pvt Ltd  provides a comprehensive and one-stop testing service to businesses and organizations involved in food and feed processing, Agro products,  Export, Hospitality and Retail chains.

Our comprehensive range of services includes

Food and Feed Testing

  • Contaminants Testing
  • GMO testing
  • Microbial Analysis
  • Mineral detection
  • Nutritional Labeling
  • Pesticide residue
  • Amino acids
  • Mycotoxins
  • Oil seed fatty acid profile
  • Proximate analysis
  • Meat Testing
  • Fish Testing
  • Allergen testing
  • Determination of food authenticity and origin (traceability)
  • Irradiated food testing

Inspection Services

  • Sampling and analysis
  • Cleanliness inspection
  • Pre shipment Inspection

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Eurofins Genomics India is one of the leading genomics products and services provider in India.

We enjoy a great reputation all over India for our quality products and service amount students, research scholars and scientists both in academy and Industry

Products and Services

  • Oligonucleotides
    • Short sequence of oligos (min 5 mers)
    • Long sequence of oligos (upto 140 mers)
    • Oligos with wobbles
    • Oligos with modifications at 5 or 3 prime end (130 different mods available)
    • HPLC purified oligos
    • Page purified Oligos
    • RAPD oligos
  • Dual labelled probes
  • siRNA
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Gene Synthesis
  • Next Generation Sequencing
    • De novo and Comparative Sequencing 
    • NimbleGen Sequence Capture 
    • Transcriptome Analysis Services 
    • Re-Sequencing of Exons 
    • Ultra Deep Sequencing of Exons 
    • Library Generation Services 
    • Bioinformatics Services

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Agroscience Services

BioPharma Services

Clinical Diagnostics

Consumer Product Testing


Food Testing

Genomic Services