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REACH SVHC Evaluation

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If you need to identify whether any of the SVHCs (Substances of very high concern, as defined under REACH), are contained in an article or in a chemical mixture, you can follow the procedure below:


Theoretical assessment, based on information from your supplier:

Does the supplier communicate the presence or not of any SVHC in the product?

If not: Is there any probability that SVHC are present in the product taking into account:

  • The materials used;
  • The manufacturing procedures applied;
  • The suppliers involved.
  • If the presence of candidate substances is confirmed or has to be suspected:
    • Will the threshold of 0,1 mass% of each SVHC be exceeded?
    • Is there a ban or any other restriction of that SVHC in chemical mixtures or for manufacturing process?

In addition, Eurofins provides Chemical Assessment services to help customers identify potential risk materials due to the likely presence of restricted/hazardous substances in each of the materials listed in your product’s BOM


If information from step 1 results in an unclear situation, testing may be needed.

This can be the case if no information is available, e.g. if the supplier does not reply, or if there are doubts on reliability of existing information.

A test is performed for identification and quantification of any SVHC in the article or in the chemical mixture. The test program will be different per material (e.g. plastic, glass, wood, metal, etc.), based on general knowledge on which SVHC could be part of which basic material. Similar materials can be grouped together and considered as one testing sample. 

This test can deliver the information of whether the threshold of 0.1 % per SVHC in the article is respected, which can help you to identify if you have to fulfill certain legal obligation (communication or notification) according to REACH.

Consulting and Testing services

For consulting on above issues and design of any test program, please contact Eurofins