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Global Legal Compliance Strategies

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Global Legal Compliance

Legally binding requirements on packaging materials are mainly limited to food packaging. Detailed requirements on food packaging are imposed especially in Europe, the United States, the Mercosur area, China and Japan. Nevertheless, most legislation covers only the most common materials like ceramics and plastics while legally binding requirements to materials like paper and board, silicone or printing inks are quite rare.

Consultancy and Compliance strategies for food packaging materials

Eurofins helps importers, user and producers of food packaging and raw materials for food packaging to fulfil the European legal requirements.

Food packaging and all kinds of materials and articles intended to come into contact with food are well regulated in the European Union and other parts of the world. Mainly migration, specific migration of certain chemicals as well as overall migration from various food packaging materials are exhaustively regulated. As not each single composition of food packaging materials can be evaluated by laboratory migration testing, Eurofins helps our clients with cost efficient compliance strategies:

  • Collection and administration of food contact regulatory data sheets for your packaging materials from raw material suppliers
  • Evaluation of components for which specific limitations as specific migration limits or residual monomer contents apply according to the European and US FDA food packaging legislation
  • Cost efficient worst case calculations to avoid unnecessary chemical analysis for specific migration testing from packaging material to food
  • Reasonable risk assessment for potential migration of chemicals from food packaging materials restricted by specific migration limits
  • Compilation of individual cost efficient test programmes for your portfolio of food packaging materials

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