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Consultancy Packaging

Legal requirements on packaging materials for food are extremely complex. The requirements for some materials – like plastic – are described in material specific regulations, while the requirements for other materials can be found in national legislations and industry guidelines. Therefore, it is challenging to conduct compliance assessments.

Eurofins experts are keen to assist you in

  • Regulatory expertise, surveillance and advice
  • Collection and assessment of raw material documentation from suppliers
  • Legislative newsletters
  • Trainings and Seminars
  • Evaluation of components for which specific limitations as specific migration limits or residual monomer contents apply according to European, US FDA and other global food packaging legislation
  • Cost efficient worst case calculations to avoid unnecessary testing
  • Compilation of individual cost efficient test programmes for your portfolio
  • Reasonable risk assessment for potential migration of chemicals from food packaging materials restricted by specific migration limits
  • Toxicological Risk Assessment Statements
  • Troubleshooting

Document review and assessment

  • Setting up declaration of compliance
  • Marking and labelling review
  • Application processes if needed
  • Assessment of test reports
  • Assessment of compliance with national legislations
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