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Biodegradability & Compostability Testing

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BioDegradation Packaging

Apart from the quality and safety of packaging materials, aspects regarding their disposal are now among the key issues when it comes to the manufacturer's product responsibility. Biodegradable packaging materials meet the needs of growing consumer awareness for sustainable use and are adapted to the processes of the circular economy. For this, it is essential that biodegradable materials are labelled clearly. Therefore, tests for biodegradability and compostability form a prerequisite.

EN 13432 covers the requirements for packaging composting and biodegradation providing a test scheme as well as the evaluation criteria for the final acceptance. At the international level, the International Standards Organization (ISO) has developed ISO 17088 which is in harmony with both the European standard as well as the US counterpart ASTM 6400.

The analysis in Eurofins’ accredited laboratories confirms the demands according to ISO 17088, EN 13432, EN 14995 and ASTM 6400 and splits into four steps:

  • Chemical composition
  • Biodegradability – Chemical breakdown of materials into CO2, water and minerals
  • Disintegration – The physical decomposition of a product into tiny pieces
  • Quality of the final compost and ecotoxicity
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