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Eurofins Consumer Products Packaging

Products are subject to climatic as well as mechanical stress during transport and storage. We offer tests to assess the effects on the packaged product through various thermal, humidity and corrosion tests as well as vibration and impact tests.

Our long-term experience and versatile testing capabilities provide solutions for various transport conditions and product packaging design. For packaging testing, our testing laboratory is accredited and has a comprehensive range of testing methods in accordance with different standards.

Testing Services

We are already helping our customers in the product development phase and together we will find out what kind of burdens the product will face during its life cycle.

  • Defining environmental conditions for different transport conditions
  • Definition of the testing requirements
  • Designing testing programmes

Climatic Test for Packaging

The packaged product is exposed to various climatic conditions during transportation and storage, and their impact on the product as well as the protective properties of the packaging can be assessed by thermal, thermal and humidity tests and by rain tests.

During the tests, we monitor changes in the temperature and relative humidity even inside the package. It is also possible to add a sensor inside the equipment in the package or into the package itself. In majority of cases, the humidity is monitored by following the humidity changes in the humidity chamber. On the basis of the measurement results obtained, we evaluate the protective properties of the packaging.

Package Vibration Test and Impact Testing

During transportation, the product is usually subjected to the worst mechanical stress, so the design of the transport packaging must take into account the impact of possible drops and vibrations transmitted from the transport platforms.

We simulate the mechanical stresses caused by different means of transport with the test equipment, while measuring the attenuation characteristics of the packaging and the accelerations to the product. After the vibration and/or dropping test, the damages at and in the package are evaluated.