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Seattle - US

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Seattle, US

Seattle - US

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Seatle, US

Eurofins Consumer Product Testing US has extensive analytical testing capabilities onsite in Bothell, WA. Furthermore our clients are offered a seamless access to Eurofins global capabilities.



Address: 11822 North Creek Parkway N, Suite 110, Bothell, WA 98011, USA

Phone: +1-866-790-3876


Fields of Focus

Fields of Focus

Eurofins Consumer Product Testing US provides testing, certification, and consulting on regulatory compliance as well as quality and safety of products to manufacturers, distributors and retailers.


  • Food Contact Materials
  • Packaging Materials
  • Toys and Children's Products
  • Softlines & Apparel
  • Detergents and Cleaning Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Paper & Hygiene Products
  • Household Goods & Furniture
  • Electrical

Service Scope

service scope

Our scope cover all requirements from physical performance, technical, to chemical and analytical criteria with a wide array of services to meet regulatory & industry standards requirements such as U.S.A FDA Regulations 21 CFR, CA Prop 65, ASTM, EN Directives and REACH in Europe, SOR in Canada, GB standards in China, etc.


  • PJLA (ISO 17025)
  • CPSC(The US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)
  • Participating lab in Amazon’s Solutions Provider Network for sellers.