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Microbiology & Sterility

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Eurofins Medical Device Testing performs Microbiological and sterility testing within its six on-site sterility suitesWhether validating terminal sterilization processes, or evaluating methods for cleaning and reprocessing reusable devices, Eurofins Medical Device Testing helps clients fulfill the stringent microbiological and sterility testing requirements needed for medical devices.

As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory with more than 68,000 ft2 of micro laboratory space, including six sterility suites, our team of highly skilled experts operate the most advanced microbial identification equipment.

Choose Eurofins Medical Device Testing to help you:

✔  Validate the sterilization of your terminally sterilized devices
✔  Conduct routine sterility testing for batch release testing or quarterly dose audits
✔  Validate cleaning and reprocessing procedures for reusable devices and instruments
✔  Evaluate water quality and/or environmental monitoring for your clean room operations
✔  Conduct routine endotoxin, bioburden and bacterial identification
✔  Assess the effectiveness of your antimicrobial device


Microbiology & Sterility Testing Services
Sterility Testing & Sterility Validation Bioburden Testing Bacterial Endotoxin Testing (LAL)
Antimicrobials/Infection Control Reprocessing Validations Bacterial Identification