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Metallurgical Engineering & Characterization

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Metallurgical and engineering characterizationMetallurgical alloys are commonly used in medical device applications owing to their exceptional physical properties.  In particular, a variety of implantable alloys (e.g. various stainless steels and  nitinol) have been developed allowing for shape memory features and high fatigue applications. Expertise in metallurgical engineering is required to provide insight into materials properties and failure mechanisms. 

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of- the-art instrumentation for metallurgical characterization:

  • Elemental: ICP, XRF, EDS, GD-MS, SIMS
  • Microscopy: SEM, TEM, FIB, AFM, OP, EBSD
  • Surface: XPS/ESCA, TOF-SIMS, Auger
  • Corrosion Testing: ASTM F2129

Choose Eurofins Medical Device Testing to help you with:

      ✔  Customized metallurgical engineering involving contaminant identification, failure analysis, materials identification, litigation support, materials and degradation
      ✔  Identify corrosion resistance of a nitinol device
      ✔  Assess thickness and coverage of nitinol stent passivation layers
      ✔  Embrittlement of metal parts
      ✔  Solder joint failures