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Combination Products

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Eurofins Medical Device Testing performs testing on virtually any type of combination product, including prefilled syringes, drug coated implants and cell seeded scaffoldsThe process of bringing together bio/pharmaceuticals and medical devices to create a combination product requires specific testing on all product constituents. Eurofins Medical Device testing is well versed in the vast testing requirements and regulatory guidelines for bio/pharmaceutical products, as well as medical devices and offers comprehensive testing services for these components, both individually and combined.

From prefilled syringes, to drug coated implants and cell seeded scaffolds, our expertise covers the full range of testing needs for virtually any type of combination product.

Choose Eurofins Medical Device Testing to help you:

✔  Assess the chemical interactions among the constituents of your combination product
✔  Determine cellular viability and long-term stability of your product under a range of environmental conditions


Testing Services for Combination Products
Drug Release and Dissolution Testing Chemical Compatibility Testing Stability Testing
Container & Closure Integrity (CCI) Testing Syringe Testing