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Eurofins MET-Certified Products Certification Mark

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Medical Electrical Equipment NRTL MET Mark | Eurofins E&E

To access the United States (US) and Canadian markets, Medical equipment needs to be certified:

  • For the US by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), licensed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US (OSHA) for the US.
  • For Canada, a Standards Council of Canadian (SCC) certification body.

Eurofins Medical Device Testing offers the Eurofins MET-certified products certification mark which is universally accepted in both the US and Canada for medical equipment. We also offer FDA expert services to help you gain FDA approval.

Eurofins Met labs, the first NRTL in the US, provides its medical equipment certification services, including factory audits, globally through Eurofins network of Electrical & Electronics (E&E) laboratories.

Choose Eurofins Medical Device Testing to help you:

      ✔  Access the US by gaining the MET Mark, an OSHA licenced NRTL approval
      ✔  Access Canada, by gaining the MET Mark, an SCC accredited certification
      ✔  Access the US and Canadian markets in a time efficient manner
      ✔  Reduce your factory audit costs
      ✔  Gain FDA approval through additional service offerings