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CB Scheme

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CB Scheme safety testing medical electrical Equipment | Eurofins E&E

The IEC system of conformity assessment schemes for electrotechnical equipment and components (IECEE) CB Scheme is a multilateral agreement and certification system which uses a combination of international standards and mutual recognition agreements between Certification Bodies.

With more than 50 participating countries, the CB Scheme provides cost effective and simplified access to multiple markets including Europe, US, South America, Canada, Japan, China and many more.

Using the IECEE CB scheme, manufacturers of Medical Electrical Equipment and in vitro diagnostic medical devices can use CB test reports and certificates to apply for national certification in member countries without the need for duplicate testing; saving time and money.

Eurofins Medical Device Testing’s certification services participate in the CB Scheme for Medical Electrical Equipment and in vitro diagnostic medical devices. This allows us to serve as a single point of contact for factory audits, National Certification Body (NCB) services, and Certification Body Testing Laboratories.

Choose Eurofins Medical Device Testing to help you:

      ✔  Access to over 50 countries with one CB Test Report & one CB Test Certificate
      ✔  Simplify your route to compliance through our NCB and CBTLs
      ✔  Avoid duplicate safety & performance testing of your medical electrical equipment
      ✔  Accelerate your global market approval.