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Our Philosophy

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Eurofins Medical Device Testing identifies unforeseen challenges early in the process of Medical Device DevelopmentPrecision. Proficiency. Proximity.

These three simple words comprise the most important elements of our Medical Device testing.

Precision – Accuracy in testing is paramount to ensuring product safety and efficacy. And fast turnaround times are critical to keeping your project on schedule.With the highest level of instrument technology available in the industry, Eurofins Medical Device Testing utilizes the most state-of-the-art instrumentation to deliver accurate and timely test results.

Proficiency – Thorough testing of your medical device and/or component can help to identify unforeseen challenges early in the development process, and ultimately avoid costly delays. With more than 100 PhDs worldwide, you can rely on our extensive knowledge of the commercialization process, regulatory requirements and scientific trends in the Medical Device industry to keep your product moving smoothly through the development pipeline.

Proximity – Partnering with the right laboratory to troubleshoot your product challenges fosters the ability to obtain global market approval. With testing and regulatory expertise across 16 facilities in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Eurofins Medical Device Testing effectively meets your testing needs from virtually anywhere in the world.