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Our Strategy and Objectives

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Eurofins' mission is to contribute to the health and safety of all by providing its customers with high quality laboratory and advisory services whilst creating opportunities for our employees and generating sustainable shareholder value.

It operates in a range of clearly defined markets that are considered to have high growth potential and where competition is generally fragmented.

Eurofins companies and groups thereof constituting regional or global business lines employ all or a combination of the following to build strong positions and defendable barriers to entry:

  • Use advanced technologies, supported by a high level of R&D and bespoke IT solutions;
  • Deliver standardised, accredited services of high quality;
  • Leverage Eurofins' growing global network of laboratories and service/product portfolio to generate scale effects and be a first choice provider; and
  • Strive to become, over time, and remain the number one or number two service provider in every market in which the Group operates

This has been achieved and successfully replicated across many countries and market segments to date. The Group aims to achieve growth through organic development (selling more to existing customers and attracting new customers) and acquisitions which give access to new customers, geographic markets, technology and innovation.