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Our Market Position

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Food and Feed Testing

Eurofins believes it is the world leader in the food and feed testing market. The Group offers a comprehensive range of analytical services to serve the food industry, and has leading expertise in several of its sub-segments including testing for dioxins and organic contaminants, pesticides, mycotoxins, allergens, authenticity, pathogens and vitamins.

Key growth drivers in the food testing market include increasing consumer awareness and the ensuing requirements for safety and quality of food and beverages, frequent food scares linked to food contamination, as well as the increased risk resulting from the widening of the food supply chain brought about by trade globalisation. Scientific and technological progress also advance the cause and means for more systematic testing across the entire chain of the food industry.

Eurofins operates food testing laboratories in Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific. 

Biopharmaceutical Services

Eurofins believes that it is in the top 5 companies worldwide in most segments of the global testing market for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

Key growth drivers in these markets include secular demand for innovative drugs to enhance quality of life, and the ever-increasing complexity of testing required throughout the pharmaceutical development cycle. Global pharmaceutical companies often opt to partner with trusted, specialised testing companies and contract laboratory or research organisations (CLO/CRO) in order not to divert resources from their core areas of focus. Eurofins believes it is the no.1 independent provider worldwide of Pharmaceutical Product Testing services, as well as among the top global providers of central laboratory, genomics, discovery pharmacology and agroscience services.

Eurofins operates laboratories serving the pharmaceutical industry in Europe, North and South America, and in Asia Pacific.

Speciality Clinical Diagnostics

Eurofins is one of the key emerging players in specialty clinical diagnostic testing in Europe and the USA.

According to a recent market study, the global clinical laboratory services market is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4% from US$196.9 billion in 2015 to an estimated valuation of US$342.3 billion by 2024*. The key drivers in this market include advances in genomics, and technical innovations in the broader medical sciences enabling more accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases, increased availability of healthcare data and increasing focus on early diagnosis and prevention to improve health and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Environment Testing

Eurofins believes that it is a world leader in the global environmental testing market. The Group estimates that it is no. 1 in Europe, in particular in the Benelux, Scandinavia, France and Germany, and is among the top 3 in the USA in this market.

The main drivers in the Environmental testing market are regulations stemming from consumer demand for a clean and healthy environment, as well as the outsourcing of this business to specialists like Eurofins.

Eurofins operates laboratories active in this area of testing throughout Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia Pacific.


* Global Market Insights: “Clinical Laboratory Services Market size to exceed $342bn by 2024” published 25/10/2016 :