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Anti Bribery

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Message from the CEO

“Integrity is at the heart of all companies belonging to the Eurofins Group. Our customers expect us to be exemplary in our integrity in rendering our services and carrying out our business, and so untainted integrity is probably our single most important asset.

We at Eurofins take pride that integrity, impartiality and independence form an integral and unalienable part of our corporate culture. Eurofins has always been taking a strong and clear stance against any form of bribery and corruption. With this Eurofins Anti-bribery Policy, which expands on the principles laid out in the Eurofins Group Code of Ethics, we are providing more detailed advice and recommendations on how to identify and avoid improper behaviour in our day-to-day business decisions.

Eurofins Group Code of Ethics outlines the strict stance we are taking towards any form of corruption and bribery:

“We are resolutely opposed to bribery and corruption in whatever forms it may take.

It is our policy that sales of the company’s products or services, and purchases of goods or services from suppliers, are made solely on the basis of price, quality, performance, value, and for the benefit of our company. Sales or purchases must never be made as the result of giving or receiving inducement from third parties in any form including but not limited to: gifts, money, entertainment, or favours in any other form.”

The Eurofins Anti-Bribery Policy further expands on this commitment in the Group Code of Ethics:

This policy is derived from the principles laid out in the Eurofins Group Code of Ethics and is providing more specific guidance for leaders and employees. It is being implemented locally in all the entities of the Group and is setting the minimum standard, allowing our local leaders to set even stricter standards if they consider this in the interest of their business.