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Industrial inspections

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Electrical systems

Decree of the President of the Italian Republic n°462 of 2001
The Decree regulates the set up and the periodic and extraordinary inspections of electrical earthing systems, of lightning protection systems and of electrical systems installed in place with explosion danger. It identifies in the employer the person responsible for the set up and for their periodic inspection, to be done each 2 or 5 years, by a public Body(ASL/ARPA) or by Inspection's authorized Bodies, in order to make sure their suitability.


Lifts and Service Lifts

Decree of the President of the Italian Republic n°162 of 1999
The Decree entrusts the owner of the lifts and service lifts of the responsibility of declaration of their set up and of the duty of their inspection to be made by a public Body (ASL/ARPA) or by Notified Bodies according to the Lift Directive, in order to verify their suitability to use. In case of accidents or changes a extraordinary inspection is previewed.


Elevators and disabled ramps

Decree of the President of the Italian Republic n°459 of 1996 and Circular of the Ministry of Industry and Trade n°157296 of 1997
The Circular of Ministry of Industry and Trade n. 157296 of the 14t of April,1997, following the abrogation introduced by the Decree of the President of the Italian Republic n°162 of 1999, regulates the installation, the set up and the maintenance of the elevators and of the disables ledges establishing that they have to be periodically inspected by Notified Bodies according to Machinery Directive.


Transportable pressure equipment

Legislative Decree n°23 of 2002
The Decree has the task of increase the safety of transportable pressure devices approved for the transportation of dangerous goods on road or on railway. It regulates the activity for the revaluation of the conformity, the periodic inspection and for the repeated used of transportable pressure devices and of gas cylinders which have affixed the conformity marking according to updated standards in force.


Buried containers for Propane Liquid Gas

Ministerial Decree of the 29th of February, 1988 - Ministerial Decree of the 23rd of September,2004 - Ministerial Decree of the 7th of February,2005
The Decrees regulate the projecting, the set up and the working of gas and liquefied petroleum storehouses and identify in the technique based on acoustic emissions (EA) the methodology to make the decennial inspections on buried containers with capacity up to 13 m3. The owner has so provide to make inspections through an Authorized Body which, trough the EA check, make sure the structural integrity of the tank without its excavation.


Pressure equipment and assemblies

Ministerial Decree n°329 of 2004
The Decree regulates the set up and the maintenance of the pressure equipment and assemblies. In general it applies to pressure containers, to water or overheated water generators, to simple pressure equipment and to containers for liquids and pipelines. It identify in the user the subject responsible for the installation and for their periodic inspection.


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