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Acoustics Expert Services

Eurofins can offer more than 30 years of expertise related to measurements, evaluation and prevention of noise and vibrations.

  • Execution of acoustic tests on machinery, plant and equipment for the verification of compliance with the rules or of contractual arrangements. In particular measurements are made in sound pressure levels and sound intensity methodology.
  • Classification of acoustic materials or products in relation to specific acoustic requirements: sound insulation, sound absorption, impact sound insulation of floors etc.
  • Diagnosis of environmental noisiness: compliance verification of noise inputs and outputs;
  • Estimation studies of climate and noise impact of new infrastructure, machinery and construction site activities, also making use of mathematical simulation models. The use of calculation models also allows us to make evaluations of estimation scenarios, assessing the costs and benefits of the work assumed. From this analysis we derive noise reclamation plans.
  • Architectural acoustics studies: on the basis of design data and using specific simulation models, there is the verification of the compliance of environments, intended to the listening of music and speech, to the main parameters in the field: reverberation time, index of speech intelligibility, clarity etc.
  • Passive acoustic requirements of buildings: are evaluated in support of building project preparation, with estimation criteria, according to standards in force.
  • Municipal plans of noise classification, following the guidelines of the Region they belong to
  • Support to municipalities for the redaction of municipal noise regulations and evaluation of noise compatibility related to Regulators Plans;
  • Acoustic mapping of territories
  • Evaluation of workers  exposure to noise and vibration  and support to companies Services of Prevention and Protection for the management of related risk.
  • Measurements of vibrations on machineries and buildings for the verification of compliance with existing legislation
  • Studies for the reduction of vibration generated or transmitted to people (in order to eliminate or reduce the damage caused by noise) and to buildings (to avoid damage to structures)

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