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Cosmetics - Quality control

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Microbiological control

Eurofins has long experience and specific studies protocols for microbiological risk control. We advise you how to define an adequate plan of microbiological control and to develop specific studies protocols to ensure the safety of cosmetic products, including the verification of the efficacy of the preservatives.

All studies are conducted according to GMP using internationally accepted methodologies and operating according to official guidelines (Colipa FDA, CTFA, EP, ...)

The microbiological laboratory performs:

  • Enumeration of bacteria, yeast and molds and pathogens search
  • Microbiological control for raw materials, production and environmental water
  • Microbial identification
  • Challenge Test : Determination of the effectiveness of the preservative system according to the pharmacopoeia, the CTFA and with repeated inoculations
  • PAO Determination

Chemical and physico-chemical control

We use a large battery of chemical analyses adapted to labelling conditions and the multiplicity of indications for cosmetics.

To ensure high quality controls and analyses, Eurofins offers a wide range of chemical analyses, tailor made according to formulation ingredients and to your expectations. We also conduct all tests required for regulatory labeling of your products:

  • Determination of physical, physico-chemical and chemical characteristics: rheology, density, particle size, pH, viscosity, ...
  • Determination of active ingredients, preservatives, UV filters, water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, dyes and surfactants
  • Determination of contaminants : quantification of heavy metals, quantification of the 23 allergens, analysis of CMR substances (nitrosamines, ...), verification and determination of impurities

Stability studies

Eurofins offers a 850 sqm storage area and a wide range of conditions for adapted stability studies.

Knowledge and experience of Eurofins in the management of stability studies for pharmaceutical clinical trials, allow us to adapt to cosmetic industry and to advice you effectively on the implementation of your own studies. Thus we support you with designing your studies in normal and accelerated conditions.

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