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Eurofins Food Assurance

The quality, safety and integrity of food products can only be ensured by implementing robust and effective management systems and processes. In order to support customers to achieve these quality and safety requirements, Eurofins Food Assurance provides recognised, accredited certification and auditing services that are focused on food safety management systems, process optimisation, risk and cost reduction and safeguarding brand image.

Eurofins' expert auditors offer strategic evaluations designed specifically to solve industry challenges and inform unbiased business decisions.

Our global network of experts also provide custom-tailored training and consulting services, including food label check, to support food manufacturers and retailers to both assure their processes and to guarantee compliance with relevant international food safety standards.





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New Eurofins Food Assurance business line

Eurofins unveils the new Food Assurance International Business Line and brand by pooling existing synergies within the Group.

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