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Eurofins Technologies

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Building on the experience and scientific excellence of the Eurofins Group, Eurofins Technologies is a fast growing provider of diagnostic technologies in the field of Food Safety and Environmental Safety. We currently offer solutions for Food Pathogens, GMO, Mycotoxins, Veterinary Drugs Residues, Allergens and Animal Species.


Tecna® develops and produces immunoassay kits for the detection of chemical contaminants in food and feed products. With more than 20 years experience in the food diagnostics field and thanks to its internal R&D department, - ISO 9001 accredited since 2001 - Tecna® can provide any user with the most specific diagnostic solution as ELISA kits, lateral flow tests and immunoaffinity columns.

Fields of expertise are:

  • Quantitative mycotoxins analysis in food and feed
  • Veterinary drug residues detection in matrices of animal origin, food and feed
  • Allergens detection in finished products and raw materials
  • Quantitative detection of histamine in seafood
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Eurofins GeneScan is specialised in the production of real-time PCR and ELISA kits and their application for the food and feed testing industry. Two decades of expertise in the development of molecular biology kits and their application in laboratories on all continents have led to competitive products, which set standards worldwide. Eurofins GeneScan methods are found in national and international standards

Fields of expertise are:

  • GMO testing kits (screening, identification and quantification)
  • Foodborne pathogen detection kits (AOAC and AFNOR certified)
  • Plant species identification kits
  • Animal species identification kits
  • DNA extraction kits
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