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Scientific Publications

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Our scientists at Eurofins Carbohydrate Testing engage in various scientific research projects. These works get frequently published in leading international journals. We have listed some relevant publications below. 

C.H Grün, P. Sanders, M. van der Burg, E. Schuurbies, L. van Adrichem, E.J.J. van Velzen, N. de Roo, K. Brunt, Y. Westphal, H. Schols. Strategy to identify and quantify polysaccharide gums in gelled food. Food Chemistry 166 (2015), 42-49 

A strategy for the unambiguous identification and selective quantification of xanthan gum and locust bean gum (LBG) in gelled food concentrates is presented. DNA detection by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) showed to be a fast, sensitive, and selective method that can be used as a first screening tool in intact gelled food concentrates. An efficient isolation procedure is described removing components that may interfere with subsequent analyses. NMR spectroscopy enabled the direct identification of xanthan gum and the discrimination between different galactomannans in the isolated polysaccharide fraction. An enzymatic fingerprinting method using endo-b-mannanase, in addition to being used to differentiate between galactomannans, was developed into a selective, quantitative method for LBG, whereas monosaccharide analysis was used to quantify xanthan gum. Recoveries for xanthan gum and LBG were 87% and 70%, respectively, with in-between day relative standard deviations below 20% for xanthan gum and below 10% for LBG. 

K. Brunt, P. Sanders Improvement of the AOAC 2009.01 total dietary fibre method for bread and other high starch containing matrices. Food Chemistry 140 (2013), 574-580 

The dietary fibre (DF) content in wheat grain based food products have been established with both the classical AOAC 985.29 dietary fibre and the new AOAC 2009.01 total dietary fibre protocol. There is a good agreement between the high molecular weight dietary fibre (HMWDF) contents measured with the AOAC 2009.01 method and (DF) content measured with the classical AOAC 985.29 method in wheat grain based food products. With the AOAC 2009.01 method also a significant amount of low molar weight dietary fibre (LMWDF), ranging from 1% to 3% w/w, was measured which is not quantified with the AOAC 985.29 method. With semi-preparative GPC the LMWDF (DPP3) fractions in the wheat grain based food products were isolated. The monosaccharide composition of the dissolved LMWDF constituents was determined. Glucose was by far the most abundant monosaccharide present with arabinose, galactose, xylose and mannose as minor constituents. It appeared that the LMWDF contains still not fully converted digestible starch/malto-oligosaccharide fragments with DPP3, which are erroneously quantified as LMWDF. By introducing an extra AMG hydrolysis step in the AOAC 2009.01 protocol after evaporation of the ethanol and dissolving the residue in deionised water, these malto-oligosaccharides are fully hydrolysed resulting in that way in a correct and lower LMWDF content. 

S. Westenbrink, K. Brunt , J. van der Kamp(2012) Dietary fibre: Challenges in production and use of food composition data, Food Chemistry, 2012-09-29. 

S. Bellmann, M. Minekus, E. Zeijdner, M. Verwei, P. Sanders, W. Basten, R. Havenaar (2010) TIM Carbo,: a rapid, cost-efficient and reliable in vitro method for glycemic response after carbohydrate ingestion. In: J.W. van der Kamp, J. Jones, B. McCleary, D. Topping (Eds.)Dietary fibre: new frontiers for food and health, 467-473. Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen. 

R.M. van der Kaaij, P. Sanders, W.C. Drost, R.M.A. Nagtegaal, M.T.R van Wandelen, M.J Burgering, J.W van der Kamp (2009). All-in-one measurement of dietary fiber, including resistant starch, in bread. Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods, 1 (4), 256-260 

K. Brunt (2009) Pitfall in the determination of the dietary fibre content and nutritional value of food products, Quality Assurance and Safety of Crops & Foods, 1(4), 225-230 

M.J.E.C van der Maarel, D.J. Binnema, C. Semeijn, P.L. Buwalda, P. Sanders (2008). Novel slowly digestible storage carbohydrate. Patent WO 2008082298. 

P. Sanders, K. Brunt (2004). Analytical characterization of carbohydrates.: from polymer through oligomer to monomer. In: J.W. van der Kamp, N.-G. Asp, J. Miller Jones, G. Schaafsma (Eds.)Dietary fibre: bio-active carbohydrates for food and feed, 83-97. Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen. 

K. Brunt, (2000) Collaborative Study Concerning the Enzymatic Determination of Starch in Food, Feed, and Raw Material of the Starch Industry, Starch (Staerke), 52(2-3), 73-75. 

P. Sanders, K. Brunt (1994) Improved Method for the Determination of the Total Adipyl Content in Acetylated Adipyl Cross-linked Starches, Starch (Staerke), 46(7), 255-259.