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Eurofins ATS is now EU Notified Body for Safety of Toys

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Eurofins newsflash Consumer Products


Eurofins ATS is now EU Notified Body for Safety of Toys


Eurofins ATS has recently been designated by the Products Regulatory Office of the Ministry of Economy, industry and digital (Ministère de l'économie, de l'industrie et du numérique – DGE – Bureau de la réglementation des produits) as Notified Body (NB 2817) in the framework of the Conformity Assessment procedures described in the European Toys Safety Directive 2009/48/EC.

Our Notified Body will be able to carry out tasks related to conformity assessment procedures set out in the Directive, when a third party is required.

As a Notified Body, Eurofins ATS will perform Conformity Assessment Procedures, also known as EC-type examination, and issue EC-type examination certificates. The EC-type examination procedures should be carried out when:

  • harmonized standards do not exist;
  • harmonized standards have not or only partly been applied by a manufacturer;
  • one or more harmonized standards have been published with a restriction; or
  • the manufacturer considers that the nature, design, construction or purpose of the toy requires third party verification.


About Eurofins ATS


Eurofins ATS specialises in Consumer Product Testing, having worked with major European retailers, manufacturers (national brands, raw materials and private label) and consumer organisations for over 35 years.
The laboratory’s main field of expertise is the development of "in-use aptitude and performance tests" with a focus on "perceived quality by the consumer".

Product categories: 

  • Cosmetics & Toiletries
  • Detergents & Home Care
  • Paints, Coatings, Varnishes, Adhesives, Glues
  • Hygiene & Paper
  • Hardlines & Household Products
  • Toys


  • Performance Tests
  • Chemical & Physical Analyses
  • Clinical Studies
  • Expert Panels & Consumer Studies
  • Technical Assistance, Consultancy and Complementary Services in Legal/Regulatory Assistance


  • NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 (accreditation n°1-2465, scope of accreditation visible on:
  • Notified Body Nr 2817 against Toys Safety Directive 2009/48/EC