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Service Scope

Radio / Wireless and Digital Services

Combined with our Toys and Childcare services, the full service scope for e-Toys is completed with:

Radio/Wireless Testing Services for the Toy Industry

  • Notified Body Type Examination
  • Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (RED)
  • US requirements (FCC)
  • Canada requirements (ISED)
  • Japan ordinance regulating radio equipment
  • Australia & New Zealand (RCM Mark)
  • Bluetooth SIG Qualification
  • ...

Different Technologies in our scope (non-exhaustive):

  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Weightless, Sigfox, LoRa
  • ZigBee
  • GSM/GPRS (2G)
  • LTE (4G)
  • NB-IoT, LTE-M
  • Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

Digital Testing Services for the Toy Industry


  • Our laboratories are able to provide complete digital testing solution for e-Toys
  • None of the Testing Services are mandatory for regulations (eg. Health and safety)
  • Testing Service can be considered for functional testing by:
    • Custom made test plans in close cooperation with the vendor
    • Executing of a vendor provided test plan
  • Eurofins provides high quality support by analyzing, debugging and providing log files to minimalize the Time to Market

Services areas

  • Certification Services
    • Mandatory for compliancy to certain industry standard (eg. USB)
  • Software Testing
    • Testing of the functionality of the Toy (functional, performance, stress)
  • Test Automation
    • Automation of Regression Testing/repeatable tests

Certification Services

  • Certification / Pre-certification
    • Confirm the product is conform with the predefined industry compliance programs
  • Functionality
    • Ensure the product is conform with all the vendors requirements
  • Interoperability
    • Confirm the product or technology is compatible with others products to ensure cross-use functionality
      Eurofins is equipped with a wide range of test assets such as mobile phones (+400); Televisions (+200); USB products (+200); Wi-Fi Access Points (+50); Media Files (+7000)
  • Regulatory/Normative
    • Confirm the product complies with relevant laws, polices, and regulations, norms
  • Electrical
    • Confirm the product is conform with the electrical requirements, under different conditions

Toy Interfaces

  • Eurofins has a wide expertise in multiple domains which allows us to offer complete system testing to reduce the Time To Market
    • Hardware
    • Software
  • Examples:
    • Wireless Data Transfer
    • Mobile applications
    • Battery Charging systems

Short Range Wireless Interconnectivity

Near Field Communication Testing

  • Functional
  • Interoperability: +400 Mobile

Wireless fidelity testing services

  • Performance
    • OTA-Updates, Mobile Hotspot
  • Functional
  • Interoperability
    • +500 Wi-Fi products in lab
    • Wide range of different Wi-Fi access points
    • +400 Mobile devices
    • Standards: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

Qi wireless charging testing

  • Functional
  • Interoperability:
    • +700 Qi compatible devices
    • Unique Qi interoperability laboratory
      • - Transmitters and receivers

Bluetooth connectivity

  • Certification
  • Functional
    • Full bluetooth functionality testing
    • Applicable on all types of
      in-vehicle-infotainment systems
  • Interoperability
  • Field testing
    • Worldwide test service to incorporate different MSO and/ or ISP connections



Software Testing


Testing Options


Compatibility Lab


Case Studies

 Studio 100: Wanagogo

  • Entertainment company
  • Manual functional, compatibility and regression testing
  • Platforms:
    • Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows)
    • OS X, Windows10 (App)
    • Web (Chrome, FireFox, IE, Safari)
  • Automated regression testing on Mobile
  • Internal / External Tools
    • HockeyApp: Build delivery
    • TestWizard: Automation
    • Axosoft/OnTime: Bugtracking
  • Tasks: coordination, analyse, execution, automation
  • Fixed Price Project: 355 euro/day
  • Challenge: shifting start dates
e-toys case study

die Keure: Website & Mobile Apps

  • Developer of educational software
  • Manual functional, compatibility and regression testing:
    • Login procedure, Tutor Differentiation & WebJuf (Web)
      • Windows (Chrome, Firefox, IE)
      • OS X (Safari)
    • Kweetet (Educational game)
      • Application: Windows, OS X
      • App: Android, iOS
    • Kweetet Lite (Educational game)
      • App: Android, iOS
  • ClubKids (Distribution of apps)
    • App: Android, iOS
  • Lezen Maar (eBooks)
    • App: Android, iOS
  • Internal / External Tools
    • TestFlight: Build delivery
    • Google Play Store: Build delivery
    • Mantis: Bugtracking
  • Tasks: coordination, analyse, execution, automation
  • Fixed Price Project: 425 euro/day
  • Challenge: shifting start dates

Spin Master: Swypeout Battle Racing

  • Swypeout Battle Racing
    • Physical cards
    • USB Scanner to scan cards
    • PC game where cards could
      be used to upgrade racing cars in game
  • Testing involved:
    • Compatibility testing of game on
      different PC hardware configurations
    • Functional testing of multiplayer game
    • Functional testing of backend system
      to make sure scoring system works correctly
  • Mantis: Bugtracking
  • Tasks: test coordination, test analysis, test execution
  • Fixed price: 320 USD/manday

Test automation



  • Unattended Automated Testing of Multiple Devices: Mobiles, Tablets, STB:s, Web Services, Apps, TVs
  • Format Independent: SD/HD/4K Supported on Different Devices
  • Integrated with Continuous Integration Tools and Test Case Management Tools
  • Data-driven Testing by Using Customizable Parameters
  • Allows Multiple Devices Control from a Single Test 
  • Automated Monitoring and Diagnostics
  1. Software licenses
  2. Software support & maintenance
  3. Hadware
  4. Professional services: deployment services
  5. Professional services: test consultancy

Test Whatever, Whenever and Wherever You Want!

  • Test automatically on any target device type
    • Automated testing of multiple devices
    • Industry leading & format independent video output testing
    • Reuse the same tests on different models and platforms 
  • Powerful and Intuitive test authoring
    • Easy to use test creation environment (without coding skills)
    • Includes intuitive Wizards and commands 
    • Availability of fully functional development and debug environment
    • Data driven testing by using customizable parameters
  • Flexible & extensible test environment
    • Fully integrated with other tools and test case management
    • Secure, cloud based test manager
    • Enables remote testing with remote viewing of video output
    • End-to-end automation from head-end to end-user-device with multiple devices controlled from a single test
  • Support Many Different Test Styles and Purposes
    • Suitable for integration testing, regression testing, (non-) functional
    • Advanced resource management, supporting concurrent testing without interdependencies
    • Use for automated monitoring and diagnostics

An example of a Testwizard set-up in a IoT


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