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Eurofins Expert Services

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Eurofins Expert Services
Kivimiehentie 4
02150 Espoo

Phone: +358 40 636 0977

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Eurofins Expert Services

Lab Facilities Fields of Focus Most Relevant Testing Equipment for Climatic Tests
  • Location: Kivimiehentie 4, Espoo
  • Staff: 180
  • Climatic and mechanical testing
  • Certification of medical devices
  • Testing and certification for products for explosion hazardous areas
  • Expert Services for electronics industry and for nuclear power plants
  • Two electrodynamic shakers 80 kN and 40 kN with 16 and 12 channels control systems
  • Drop tester and Shock table
  • One walk in test chamber (14 m³) with damp heat 10…90 ⁰C and dry heat -65…180 ⁰C
  • Six humidity test cambers between 680 l and 990 l with damp heat 10...95 ⁰C and dry heat -75…180 ⁰C
  • One dry heat test chamber with maximum rate of change 15 ⁰C/min between -70 ⁰C…150 ⁰C
  • Two salt mist chambers


Service Scope Accreditations
Certification and Product Approval FINAS (Finish Accreditation Service)
  • IECEx​ certification body for Ex equipment
  • ATEX certification
  • Medical devices and In vitro diag​nostic medical devices certification (nb)
  • T001 (EN ISO/IEC 17025)
  • K024 (EN ISO/IEC 17025)
  • S017 (EN ISO/IEC 17​065)
  • S021 (EN ISO/IEC 17021)
Testing and Inspection
  • Climatic and mechanical testing for electronic products and transportation packages
  • ATEX testing
  • IECEx testing body for Ex equipment
  • Speed measuring radar (Doppler), precision alcohol​meters
Expert Services
  • Expert Services for electronics industry and for nuclear power plants