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Mechanical & Climatic Environmental Simulation Testing

Your industry, our focus

Mechanical & Climatic Environmental Simulation Services

Helping you to Ensure your Product's Performance and Safety

Irrelevant of what your product is and the environments it is designed to go into, you need to be able to verify its performance and safety in the environments it will face in order to be able to market it. 

Our global network of electrical and electronic (E&E) laboratories offers a wide range of mechanical and climatic environmental simulation testing and services for both electronic and non-electronic products and components.

Our teams of experienced environmental testing engineers' laboratories house environmental chambers and bespoke test set-ups to enable us to accurately test your products performance and safety. As such, we can simulate both normal and extreme environmental conditions in controlled environments for a wide range of markets including domestic, industrial, medical, transport (rail, automotive, aerospace) and military applications.

Environmental & Performance Testing

We offer a complete range of environmental and performance tests on wide range of products and components including, but not limited to; equipment, enclosures, cabinet, devices and components for automotive, plastics and rubbers, metals, frames, handles. Testing services include (but are not limited to):

  • Shock & vibration testing
  • Climatic & humidity testing from -70°C to +180°C
  • Temperature and altitude testing
  • Flame testing
  • Enclosure (tightness) testing
  • Dust and water Ingress Protection (IP) and Impact protection (IK) rate testing
  • Corrosion tests, salt fog sprays
  • Drop testing
  • Package testing (climate, vibration, shock, drop etc.)
  • Thermal shock tests
  • Fungus (fungal) testing
  • Corrosive gas testing (NO2, SO2, Cl2, H2S)
  • Emission/release of volatile organic compounds tests (VOC)
  • HALT / HASS testing
  • Ozone resistance testing
  • Green energy testing
  • Cable testing
  • Benchmark, competitive and failure analysis
  • Over-pressure 
  • Vacuum (faster decompression)
  • Battery charging and discharging
  • Acoustic testing (see below)
  • Mechanical testing (see below)
  • Lightening testing

Mechanical testing

We offer specific mechanical tests for both electronic and non-electronic products to help you ensure your they are compliant with national and international regulations, such as for construction and DIY building products, road signs, nautical wheels, components, and barriers. These include:

  • Static and dynamic load tests
  • Impact tests
  • Mechanical durability cycles

Vibration test & measurements

Many industry sectors have product specific vibration test and measurement regulatory requirements, including household products, power tools, industrial plants and machines, electrical and mechanical equipment. Vibration testing & measurement services on offer include:

  • Vibration tests (shaker)
  • Human exposure hand-transmitted vibration tests
  • Human exposure to whole body vibration tests
  • Hand-held portable power tools (vibration at the handle tests)
  • Tests to assess conformity to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Tests to assess conformity to Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • Tests to assess conformance with MIL 810 and DO 160

Acoustic testing

Acoustic testing is also an important component of regulatory compliance for household appliances, power tools, industrial plants and machines, electrical and mechanical equipment. We offer a range of acoustic testing:

  • Sound power and pressure level measurement
  • Acoustic intensimetry measurement
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Calibration of phonometers and accelerometers

Visit our Acoustic testing page for more information.


To find our more about how we can help you simulate the mechanical and environmental conditions required to market your product please contact your local Eurofins E&E Laboratory where we can act as a single point of contact for your compliance needs.