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Failure Analysis of Electrical & Electronic Consumer Products

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Marketplace Failure Analysis for Manufacturers, Brand Owners & Retailers

Improving Product Quality Through Failure Analysis & Benchmarking

By benchmarking products against those of competitors and understanding the reasons for market-place failures, manufacturers, brand owners and retailers can influence improvements in product quality to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

Electrical & electronic product failure analysis

Eurofins E&E compliance and engineering teams perform failure analysis on electrical and electronic consumer products for manufacturers, brand owners and retailers to determine the cause of market-place failures and returns.

The resulting reports can be used:

  • To influence the supply chain to drive improvements in product quality; whether it be at component level, or manufacturing quality control and assurance
  • As part of claim substantiation

Electrical & electronic product performance benchmarking

Our teams of experts offer electrical & electronic consumer product performance benchmarking services enabling you to:

  • Check the performance of a product against industry standards
  • Compare performance with a competitive product
  • Ensure the product meets pre-determined custom requirements


To find out more please contact your local E&E laboratory or one of our failure analysis & benchmarking competence centers; Eurofins 3 Ohms in France, Eurofins MET in the US.

 For microelectronics test & engineering failure analysis at the component, sub-component and chemical level, please contact EAG, an Eurofins Company.