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Project Assessment & Development

Your industry, our focus

Product & Project Assessment & Development

Eurofins Expert Services for Products & Projects

Our global teams of Electrical and Electronics (E&E) and Industrial compliance and radio frequency (RF) engineers are experts in their fields, with many years' experience.

Our staff's experience and knowledge is on-hand to assist you through our bespoke, tailored expert services, helping you ensure that your product development and projects can be achieved in a time and cost efficient manner.

The services we are able to offer are broad and varied so please contact us to find out how we can help you.

Expert services for E&E and industrial markets

Examples of expert services involving product and project assessments and developments we have performed include, but are not limited to:

  • Benchmarking assessments
  • Tailor-made test plans and protocols
    • Generation and evaluation of technical specifications
    • Quality control plans
    • Performance and fitness for use protocols development
  • Bespoke testing beyond the standards
  • Infrastructure Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) management plans
  • Regulatory requirement reviews
  • Identification of potential non-compliance issues
  • Evaluation of production techniques
  • Design reviews
  • Gap analyses
  • Conformity reviews
  • Documentation reviews and related services 
  • Pre-audits
  • Research and development projects including:
    • Radio frequency projects e.g. antennas design, bespoke spectrum sharing use and future development
    • Shielding effectiveness
    • MoD and government department sponsored project (enquire at our York site about our levels of security clearance) 
  • Electromagnetic modelling including computational modelling
  • Specialist EMC solutions
  • Bespoke and in-house training solutions
  • Lifecycle management; e.g. designing for reliability, failure mode and effects analysis
  • failure analyses

Industry specific expert services

For more information how we can help you contact your local E&E or Industrial Eurofins Laboratory.