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IC – June 2018 | Announcement: ICE joins Eurofins

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Announcement: ICE joins Eurofins

The Consumer Products Testing (CPT) division of Eurofins Scientific is proud to announce the acquisition of ICE SpA (European Certification Institute), in Italy. The acquisition brings with it a range of Industrial inspection and certification services that significantly strengthens Eurofins’ CPT portfolio and supports the Group’s continued growth plans and expansion into new and adjacent markets.

ICE, together with the CPT division’s existing Italian companies, establishes Eurofins as a major player in Italy’s industrial “in-service inspections” markets including lifts, cranes, pressure equipment and electrical installations.



About ICE

ICE is one of the most respected Inspection and Certification companies in Italy with 16 Employees and more than 100 Inspectors covering almost all the Italian market.

Headquarters in Bologna, founded in 1990 and recognized by the relevant Ministries, the company provides certification and inspection services to an array of industrial fields and public environments.

ICE was the first notified entity in Italy to receive the pertinent accreditation for the Machine Directive and the Lifts Directive by ACCREDIA.




About Eurofins

Eurofins Scientific is an International group of laboratories headquartered in Luxembourg, providing testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental, agroscience and consumer products industries, among others.

The group is one of the international leaders in the provision of testing services with a network of more than 400 laboratories across 44 countries. Through research and development, in-licensing and acquisitions, the Group draws on the latest developments in every industry it serves, while helping corporations to deliver safe and compliant products through responsible and sustainable sourcing practices.