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Information Technology, Internet of Things

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Regulatory Compliance for IT and IoT Equipment

Testing, inspection and certification services for Information Technology (IT) & the Internet of Things (IoT)

Eurofins E&E's international network of accredited test laboratories, certification bodies and competence centers provide services for placing IT and IoT products onto global markets.

We offer testing and certification services specifically related to electrical and electronic Information Technology Equipment and the Internet of Things for global market access including CE marking, US FCC, Canadian SCC approvals and automotive e-marking. IoT International homologation and alliance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety and EMC; Chinese CCC, Japanese PSE, Korean KCC, US via Eurofins MET NRTL, Canada via MET CB
  • Radio technologies; Chinese SRRC & NAL, Japanese MIC
  • Wireless alliance services including Bluetooth SIG, Qi wireless charging, OmniAir

IT & IoT testing services* **

Testing services for compliance with international regulations and Directives include:

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • CISPR 24 / EN 55024; information technology equipment, immunity characteristics, limits and methods of measurement
    • CISPR 32 / EN 55032 / KN 32; multimedia equipment emission requirements
    • CISPR 35 / EN 55035 / KN 35; multimedia equipment immunity requirements
    • EN 61000 series
    • VCCI; V-3/2011.04 normative annex 1 technical requirements rules of VCCI Council
  • Electrical safety
    • IEC 60950-1; information technology
    • IEC 62368-1; audio/video, information and communication technology equipment
    • CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1; information technology equipment, safety
    • AS / NZS 60950-1; information technology equipment, safety
  • Radio & wireless
    • IEC 55022; information technology equipment radio disturbance characteristics, limits and methods of measurement
    • Title 47 vol. 1 FCC Part 15; radio frequency devices subpart B, unintentional transmitters
    • AS / NZS CISPR 22;  information technology equipment, radio disturbance characteristics, limits and methods of measurement
    • ICES 003;  information technology equipment
    • CNS 13438 / C6357; radio disturbance characteristics, limits and methods of measurement
    • TCVN 7189; radio disturbance characteristics, limits and methods of measurement
    • CISPR / KN 22; radio disturbance characteristics, limits and methods of measurement
  • Environmental simulation
  • Digital and media testing
    • Interoperability & functional testing; including MirrorLink, Serial ATA, USB, DLNA
    • Test automation, e.g. smartphone app
  • Cyber security services
  • Energy efficiency
    • EU regulation (EC) 1275/2008, (EU) No. 801/2013; IEC 62623 desktop & notebook computers
    • ENERGY STAR® certification
    • EU Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC
    • Energy labeling Directive (EU) 2017/1369
  • Manufacturer specific compliance tests; including MBN, VW TL, JLR, SAE

*Where IEC standards are referred to, national and regional variations are also applicable including, but not limited to; ANSI/AAMI, UL, ISO, CAN/CSA, JIS, EN, ENV, BS EN, DD ENV and BS IEC.

**The regulations and standards above are not a full list of those within our capabilities; please enquire on a case by case basis.

Examples of equipment and sub-components tested

Global market access

Eurofins E&E offers a bespoke Global Market Access service to enable manufacturers to place products on their chosen combination of markets.


We offer a variety of training courses to enable you to achieve regulatory compliance of your information technology and IoT products more efficiently and easily. These range from one day courses on specific directives or regulations, right through to five-day fundamentals of EMC. .

As well as scheduled and training on topical subjects, bespoke, in-house courses are also available on request.

Review our training pages or contact your local E&E laboratory for more information.

Expert & regulatory services

Our network of experienced experts is on hand should you need specialist help. Expert regulatory services are varied and tailored to your needs, including for example bespoke training, technical documentation and ongoing compliance reviews.


For further information contact your local Eurofins E&E laboratory.