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Challenge test

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1T2TS -1T201


Challenge test for 5 germs + Validation (to avoid false negative)


Assessment of antimicrobial preservation efficacy


Duration of the study: 28 days + report: 6 weeks. You will be informed of the results for each intermediate incubation time (D7, D14) by email


Optimal: 100 g

Minimal: 10 g per germ


ISO 11930

Or USP 51

Or European Pharmacopeia


After inoculation of the formula with calibrated inoculum, the number of surviving microorganisms is measured at specific time ranges during 28 days. For each time and each germ, the rate of logarithmic reduction is calculated and compared to minimum required values for evaluation criteria (A or B).

Used strains: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Aspergillus brasilensis


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for cosmetics - ISO 22716

Production laboratory

  • Eurofins Pharma Quality Control (ACE), Les Ulis, FRANCE
  • Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing, Milan, ITALY
  • Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Hamburg GmbH, Hamburg, GERMANY
  • Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Munich GmbH, Planegg, GERMANY
  • Eurofins Product Testing, Cosmetics & Personal Care Spain
  • Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories, Dungarvan, IRELAND
  • Eurofins Bel/Novamann s.r.o., Nové Zámky, SLOVAK REPUBLIC
  • Eurofins Bactimm, Nijmegen, THE NETHERLANDS
  • Eurofins AMS Laboratories, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  • Eurofins Experchem Laboratories Inc., Ontario, CANADA
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