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Always on the safe side

Eurofins Consumer Product Testing GmbH

DAkkS (German Accreditation Body) Testing Laboratory for chemical and physico-chemical analyses of articles with direct consumer contact, such as food contact materials (FCM, packaging as well as kitchenware) but also cosmetics, hygiene and paper products, laundry, care, and cleaning products, as well as toys

DAkkS-Registration Number: D-PL-14435-01-00


Eurofins Evic Product Testing Romania SRL

AFAQ (Assurance Française pour la Qualité) - IQNet (International Certification Network)Testing Laboratory for carrying out of clinical studies for the safety and efficacy assessment of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, processed food and textile products and components.

AFAQ-Registration Number: 2007/29881.4

AFAQ-Registration Number: 2010/38095.2

AFAQ-Registration Number: 2010/38096.2

IQnet-Registration Number: FR-2007/29881.4

IQnet-Registration Number: FR-2010/38095.2

IQnet-Registration Number: FR-2010/38096.2

Eurofins EVIC Spain

IQNet - AENOR Testing Laboratory for carrying out of assessment studies of tolerance, efficacy and opinion, for products of the cosmetic, parapharmaceutical and chemical industries.

IQnet-Registration Number: ES-0049/2017

AENOR-Registration Number: ER-0049/2017

Eurofins EVIC France

  • AFAQ (Assurance Française pour la Qualité) Testing Laboratory for carrying out of assessment studies of tolerance, efficacy and opinion, for clinical studies, consumer testing, scientific and technical advice, development of regulatory files, appraisal, IN VITRO experimental assessment of toxicity, tolerance and efficiency of raw materials or finished products from chemical, cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries or medical devices.
  • GIPC (Groupement Interministériel des Produits Chimiques) Testing Laboratory for carrying out of toxicity testing.
  • ANSM (Agence nationale de sécurité du médicament et des produits de santé) Testing Laboratory for carrying out of inspection on skin irritation and corrosion, phototoxicity, ocular irritation and corrosion and cytotoxity of cosmetic products.




Eurofins ATS

COFRAC (Comité français d'accréditation) Testing Laboratory for carrying out of tests on paper and cardboard; mechanical tests on plastics; physico-chemical tests on cosmetics and detergents; tests on paints; tests on toys.

COFRAC-Registration Number: 1-2465



Eurofins Dermatest

BSI (British Standards Institution) Quality Management System for the provision of substantiation of Safety and Efficacy claims for topically applied (personal care) products.

BSI-Registration Number: FS 550907




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