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Eurofins Discovery Services USA

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Eurofins Panlabs Inc
6 Research Park Drive
MO 63304
St Charles

Phone: +1 844 522 7787

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Eurofins Panlabs Inc provides a comprehensive portfolio of assays and services to support your drug discovery and development needs through preclinical stages. Partnering with our clients, we provide both standard  and  specialized services  to help you identify drug candidates with the desired properties to achieve  clinical success. Eurofins acquired this entity in 2012. Since 2014, Cerep, Panlabs and Discovery Services have merged into Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services. 


Target profiling

 IonChannelProfiler™ services

Discovery research products

 ChemiScreen™ and PrecisION® stable cell lines

 Ready-To-Assay™ frozen cells

 ChemiScreen™ membrane preps

Cellular phenotypic assays

 ImmunoSignal™ & cardiotoxicity

     OncoPanel™ Cell-based Profiling Services

ADME / Tox

 Solubility, permeability & metabolism

 Cardiotoxicity, hepatotoxicity & genotoxicity