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Short Range Device (SRD) is a general term, applied to various radio devices designed to operate over short ranges and at low power levels. This includes alarms, telemetry and telecommand devices, radio microphones, radio local area networks and anti-theft devices with maximum powers of up to 500 mW at VHF/UHF (Very High Frequency / Ultra High Frequency) , as well as certain microwave/Doppler devices with maximum powers of up to 5 W.For example "Non Specific Short Range Devices" can be found in all ISM (Industrial Scientific Medical) bands using different types of modulation and applications. The transmission power is specified in ERC Recommendation 70-03.

Overview of different technical applications:

  • Equipment for Detecting Avalanche Victims
  • Local Area Networks, RLANs and HIPERLANsBluetooth, DECT, ZigBee, Nanotron Chirp, IEEE 802.11a,b,g,n etc.
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification for Railways (AVI)
  • Road Transport & Traffic Telematics (RTTT)
  • Equipment for Detecting Movement and Equipment for Alert
  • Alarms
  • Model Control
  • Inductive Applications
  • Radio Microphones
  • RFID
  • Ultra Low Power Active Medical Implants
  • Wireless Audio Applications

Following typical standards apply for Short Range Devices:

Frequency Standard
9 kHz to 25 MHz EN 300 330
25 MHz to 1000 MHz EN 300 220
1 GHz to 40 GHz EN 300 440


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