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Odour Emissions Testing

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Odour Emissions Testing of construction and decorative products, furniture and consumer goods can follow very different principles of very different degree of complexity and costs.

There is an on-going dispute whether odour testing of construction and decorative products

  • is meaningful
  • can be performed in a reliable and reproducible manner, if laboratories from different regions are involved.

German BAM placed a description of ISO 16000-28 and VDI 4302-1 techniques in the Web and reported results of a related round robin test that was performed in 2012.

Several experts raise questions on the reliability of such tests, and on the validity of chamber tested odours for odours of the same products after realistic application. This was investigated in a validation project. See also recent discussions in LinkedIn.

There was a hearing on the results of the German pilot study on odour testing on 01 and 02 October 2015. The presentations now are available for download at the conference website.

The final report on a round robin test on odour testing is available for download in English and in German language.

Despite remaining uncertainty, German AgBB and UBA (Environmental Agency) promote the idea of including an ISO 16000-28 test of odour intensity, along with a VDI 4302-1 test of odour hedonics, in the evaluation of construction products.

Testing principles

See a separate page for explaining how odour testing works.

Eurofins services

Eurofins as a world-wide provider of VOC emission testing services is concerned about the reliability and validity of odour tests, including the ISO 16000-28. Particularly when considering cultural differences, odour acceptability and even odour intensity can vary considerably.

Nevertheless, our customers may need odour tests. Therefore we offer, and promise to perform these tests as good as we can:

  • Static odour test (VDA 270 / GUT etc.)
  • Dynamic odour test:
    • M1 (Finland),
    • Danish Indoor Climate Label,
    • ISO 16000-28 / VDI 4302-1 odour test.
      • The ISO 16000-28 odour test in the Danish Eurofins lab was ISO 17025 accredited by DANAK.

Contact to VOC Testing Laboratories

Please see here contact information of Eurofins VOC testing laboratories in Europe, China and Japan: