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Microchamber VOC Testing

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Microchamber testing is an important tool for fast VOC emission testing, but it cannot substitute normal chamber testing.

The Microchamber is a stainless steel pot with 40 ml volume and 4.5 cm diameter - about the size of an Espresso cup. It can be used in two modes. In the cell mode, the whole test piece is tested, with all surfaces. In the FLEC mode, only the upper surface is tested while back and edges are isolated from the ventilation stream. A Microchamber can be operated at room temperature or at elevated temperature (up to 120°C).

Microchamber testing is faster and cheaper than normal chamber testing. And it can be operated at elevated temperature. Even though its design produces systematic differences to normal test chamber, and Microchamber testing cannot substitute VOC emissions chamber testing, Microchamber testing is a valuable tool for these applications:

  • Comparative testing of similar products from a portfolio for identifying those with highest emissions.
  • Survey analyses for identifying the most relevant emitted chemicals and the order of magnitude of their emissions
  • Batch control for documentation that low emissions are also true for next batches
  • Semi-quantitative testing of ageing by heating the product moderately - the more volatile substances will disappear and the long-term emission profile will be seen after only few days already.

Microchamber testing is specified in these standards:

  • ASTM D7706 - 11
  • ISO 12219-3:2012

More information is available in English or in French language.

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