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Test Standard

Eurofins Product Testing Shanghai performs testing according to following country's and international standards/regulations:

Standard Issued by Applicable country
ISO International Organization for Standardization Worldwide
EN European Standards Institute Europe
BS British Standards Institution England
DIN German Standards Institute Germany
AATCC American Association of Textile Chemists and dyes North America
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials Association North America
CAN Standards Council of Canada Canada
GB Standardization Administration of China China
FZ China Textile Industry Association China
NF French Standards Association France
US CPSC U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission America
JIS Industry Association of Japan Japan


Detailed Test Items

Eurofins Product Testing Shanghai is capable to provide services as following according to the standards and customer tailored requirements.

 1. Fiber and Yarn Test Fiber fineness
Fiber diameter
Fiber linear density
Filament yarn denier (fineness)
Yarn strength
Yarn Size Filament number
Moisture Regain (oven method)
Filament yarn denier (fineness)
Color Fastness

2.Physical Performance Test
Tensile strength
Tear strength
Bursting strength
Seam performance
Bonding strength
Small part attachment security
Stretch and recovery Abrasion resistance
Anti-pilling performance          
Snap performance Zipper Strength
Drawstring Fabric density
Weight per unit area
Button impact

3. Dimensional Stability Test
Dimensional stability after
home laundering
Appearance after washing
Dimensional stability after dry Cleaning
Appearance after commercial dry
cleaning retention after
Fabrics and garments distorted skew
Steam dimensional stability
Ironing dimensional stability
Appearance after ironing
Apparel clothing visual inspection

4. Fastness test
Colour fastness to washing
Colour fastness to crocking
Colour fastness to dry cleaning
Colour fastness to perspiration
Color fastness to water
Color fastness to sea water
Color fastness to Brush
Color fastness to light
Color fastness to bleach
Color fastness to saliva
Color fastness to hot pressure
Resistance to dry heat fastness
Color fastness to acid spot
Color fastness to Alkali spot
Color fastness to water spot
Color fastness to organic solvent
Color fastness to phenol yellowing
Color fastness to chlorine (pool water)
Color fastness to actual washing

5. Functional Testing
Water proof test
Soil release test
Water repellency test
Oil repellency test
Radiation Testing
Air Permeability test
Water vapor permeability test
Moisture absorbing test
UV test

6. Fiber Content Analysis
Identification of single fiber
Quantitative testing of multi-component
blends ingredients
Nature cellulose fiber blend quantitative test
Identification of cashmere fiber
Wool / cashmere blend quantitative determination
Leather identification

7. Down and Feather Testing
Composition analysis
Net weight Species
Filling power
Cleanliness (transparency)
Odor test
Moisture content test
Penetration resistance
Oxygen number
Oil and fat content test
Determination of microbiological testing

8. Flame Retardant Test

Apparel fabric flame test
Children's nightwear flame test
Blanket flame test
Carpet flame test


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