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Eurofins Product Testing - Energy Saving Lamps

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Legal Background 

European Directive 2005/32/EC on lighting products provides a time plan for banning certain incandescent lamps and other lighting products that are heavy users of electricity are banned.

Below schedule for replacement of incandescent lamps will apply:

Date Lamps which may not be sold any more
1 September 2009 incandescent lamps of more than 80 W
and frosted lamps that are not in EEI category A
1 September 2010 incandescent lamps of more than 65 W
1 September 2011 incandescent lamps of more than 45 W
1 September 2012 incandescent lamps of more than 7 W
1 September 2013 higher quality requirements
1 September 2016 incandescent lamps with energy class "C"

Click for more details in EUR-Lex, European Union law on Ecodesign and Energy Saving Lamps.      

Important Performance criteria are:

  • Luminous flux
  • Lumen maintenance
  • Switching performance
  • Lifetime
  • Temperature dependency
  • Starting and run-up
  • Colour
  • Mercury content
  • Packing and labeling

What we do for you - exemplary tests we perform:

We offer tests according to various standards and regulations:

  • EN 60968 - Self-ballasted lamps for general lighting services - Safety requirements 
  • EN 60969 - Self-ballasted lamps for general lighting services - Performance requirements
  • New Draft of EN 60969
  • 98/11/EC - Directive Energy labelling of household lamps
  • EN 50285 - Energy efficiency of electric lamps for household use - Measurement methods
  • 245/2009 ecodesign requirements for lamps

All test are performed inhouse at Eurofins. We also offer factory inspections and support during the development phase.

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