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Eurofins Product Testing - Electrical Safety

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Eurofins offers a wide range of testing and certification services for products in the field of Electrical Safety. Here, a multitude of various laws, directives, standards and restrictions have to be taken into consideration.  The importance of testing on Electrical Safety standards is obvious: users of electric and electronic devices have to be protected from harm while operating for example household appliances or energy saving lamps. Also, electric and electronic products are subject to official supervision all across Europe. Through sample testing purchases ("Mystery Shopping") and other surveillance measures, critical devices are withdrawn from the market. Manufacturers, importers, distributors and testing laboratories are called to account. This ensures, that when buying electric and electronic devices, consumers can trust in quality marks attached to the products. The "GS mark" ("Geprüfte Sicherheit") in particular has an outstanding reputation and indicates high quality standards.

As a full member of the CB-scheme Eurofins offers also tests and certificates according to IEC standards. 

Eurofins offers testing and certification services, e. g.

  • Electrical continuity,
  • Insulation resistance,
  • voltage test and protection against residual voltage,
  • dispersion current,
  • glow wire test.

Extract of the main standards:

EN 60204 / IEC 60204

Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines Sicherheit von Maschinen - Elektrische Ausrüstung von Maschinen

EN 60335 / IEC 60335

Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety
Sicherheit elektrischer Geräte für den Hausgebrauch und ähnliche Zwecke

EN 60439 / IEC 60439

Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies

EN 60950 / IEC 60950

Information technology equipment - Safety
Einrichtungen der Informationstechnik - Sicherheit

EN 61010 / IEC 61010 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use

Sicherheitsbestimmungen für elektrische Mess-, Steuer-, Regel- und Laborgeräte

EN 60529 / IEC 60529

Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code)
Schutzarten durch Gehäuse (IP-Code)

EN 60065 / IEC 60065

Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus - Safety requirements
Audio-, Video- und ähnliche elektronische Geräte - Sicherheitsanforderungen

EN 62115 / IEC 62115

Electric toys - Safety
Elektrische Spielzeuge - Sicherheit

EN 60598 / IEC 60598

Luminaires - Safety requirements and tests
Leuchten - Sicherheitsanforderungen und Prüfungen

EN 61558 / IEC 61558

Safety of power transformers, power supplies, reactors and similar products
Sicherheit von Transformatoren, Netzgeräten und dergleichen

EN 60968 / IEC 60968

Self-ballasted lamps for general lighting services; safety requirements
Lampen mit eingebautem Vorschaltgerät für Allgemeinbeleuchtung; Sicherheitsanforderungen

We test according to the following directives: 

For further information please contact our national organisations or directly our specialists:

Electrical Safety Competence Center Germany: +49 (0) 33631 888 01

Electrical Safety Competence Center Italy: +39 346 963 2929