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Selection of Gloves

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The all purpose glove does not exist. CE mark indicates certain basic tests have been performed but these are not specific enough in many cases. Gloves shall be safe in use:

  • Any gloves shall be safe and comfortable to wear.
  • General working gloves shall be robust and protect against some more mechanical challenges.
  • Food handling gloves shall not show migration of plasticisers and other substances into food.
  • Medical gloves shall not deteriorate dexterity and be tight against infectious liquids, and against certain drugs.
  • Chemical protective gloves shall protect against the chemical challenges in use - this challenge may differ widely between different applications, resulting in very different gloves to be selected.

Eurofins can help selecting the right glove for each particular need by searching existing knowledge and by testing. The network of Eurofins laboratories provides high expertise on different fields, making Eurofins Group a unique place for designing and performing glove testing tailored to many specific needs.

German rules:

German government now issued the most advanced rules on skin protection at work. As regards chemical protective gloves, some of the rules are based on results of a research project performed by MILJÖ-CHEMIE (now part of Eurofins Group) and finalised in 1999.

The regulation can be downloaded here in English or in German. The same texts are available from

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