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Eurofins Product Testing - Hazardous Ingredients

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Eurofins Group performs a huge number of tests for determination of chemical trace ingredients in products, among that:

  • CMR compounds (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reproduction toxic)
  • Sensitising ingredients
  • Monomers, additives, process chemicals
  • PAH, chlorinated paraffins, PCB, dioxins
  • and many more

Selection of test method is decisive for the result and this needs good knowledge of the task in advance.

For all these determinations it is therefore essential to know before the tests:

  • What chemicals shall be identified
  • What detection limit is required
  • What is the chemical type of the product
  • Which regulation or which customer specification needs to be met
  • Is there a limit value with which the product shall comply

One example is Testing lead in paint for CPSIA in accordance with US standard 16 C.F.R. 1303 (accredited by US Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC), see Eurofins on  list of CPSC approved labs.