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Eurofins Product Testing - EMC

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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the ability of systems, equipment and devices to utilize the electromagnetic spectrum to operate in their intended operational environments without suffering unacceptable degradation or causing unintentional degradation through electromagnetic radiation or response.

Equipment within EMC specifications is subdivided into:

devices defined by their environment of intentional use.

Eurofins provides expert knowledge to industries like Automotive, Household Appliances, Electrical and Telecommunication. A comprehensive set of latest test facilities comprises listed Open Area Test Sites, anechoic chambers, acoustic chambers, GTEM cells and measurement equipment - up to a frequency range of 40 GHz. Eurofins also offers consulting and modification services during the development phase. This, in combination with test lab accreditation for all major EMC test procedures by DAkkS and A2LA, enables us to offer complete EMC test solutions. 

Our scope:

  • accredited EMC laboratory
  • KBA (Federal Motor Transport Authority) technical service
  • EMC tests in fields of household, IT, medical devices, industry, toys, radio equipment, electrical type approval, rail applications and others
  • tests according DIN / VDE / EN / ISO / CISPR / IEC / RTCA DO 160 / MIL
  • development based measurements, pre-tests, expertises and approvals
  • on-site testing
  • workshops and trainings
  • noise measurements acc. ISO 3744 / 3745, ISO 7779
  • emission measurements - 40 GHz
  • competence by engineers for modification and solutions of EMC problems
  • international approvals

EMC Competence Center Germany:  +49 33631 888 801
EMC Competence Center Italy:  +39 011 22 22 225

For further information please contact our national organisations or our specialists.
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