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Eurofins Product Testing - Download of RISKOFDERM Toolkit

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ATTENTION - The download file has a size of 6.7 MB! Download anyhow? Then click below:

Download the Toolkit Dermal Exposure and Risk Management: Version A 1.11 UK-03/2004

ATTENTION - Installation instructions:

  1. After download please open the file with WinZip.
  2. Then extract Toolkit_setup.msi from that archive to your disk.
  3. Then right-click with your mouse on Toolkit_setup.msi (the version extracted to your disk) and select Install.
  4. For running the toolkit, EXCEL shall be allowed to run macros.

This version has been available since 16 March 2004. Before installing this version, please uninstall any earlier versions!

Present and recent Microsoft software versions

Unfortunately we do not have any experience with the most recent versions of Windows and Office, and there is no budget available for updating the toolkit. If the toolkit does not work, then the only possibility is trying to find a computer with old Microsoft software. We are sorry for that. Anybody wanting to update the complex macros on his own costs may conntact us for permission, but only non-commercial suggestions will be accepted.

If you can open it and want to look into details - the password is "skin-expert"..

If the electronic toolkit does not run then you may decide to use the decision trees in the paper version (in English or in German) manually:

No more support possible

As the authors no longer work with Eurofins or the other involved institutions, there is no more support possible any longer.