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Eurofins Product Testing - RISKOFDERM project

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"Risk assessment for occupational dermal exposure to chemicals"

Duration: 1st February 2000 to 31st January 2004.

RTD Project : QLK4-CT-1999-01107
Research Programme: Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources

- Key action Environment and Health

   Project funded by the European Community

A major source of sickness absence in the workplace is due to skin irritation and dermatitis, as well as diseases caused by chemicals that impair optimal functioning of the skin, after contact with contaminated surfaces. Current methodologies for assessing these dermal exposures are, however, inadequate. The project aimed to reduce acute and chronic ill-health through dermal contact with chemicals, developing two essential tools for management of dermal exposure and prevention of ill-health: a validated predictive model for estimating dermal exposure for use in risk assessment of single chemicals and a practical dermal exposure risk management tool for use by SMEs and others, for workplaces.

The consortium was composed of 15 partners from 11 different Member States chosen for their expertise in the area of exposure assessment. Dr. J.J. van Hemmen † of TNO (The Netherlands) was the project coordinator.

Eurofins was responsible for Part 4 Working Group that develops a toolkit providing employers with means of ranking dermal exposure risks in workplaces and with guidance on control measures for improved protection.

RISKOFDERM was a shared-cost RTD project funded under the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Community, within the Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources Programme - Key action Environment and Health.

This project was sponsored by the Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und ArbeitsmedizinHauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften, Dutch government and more.

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