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Eurofins Product Testing - Product & Production Inspections

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 As an importer of products, parts, components or materials we can support you with our  inspection services throughout the entire order process to make sure you get what you  ordered and expect. Random checks at the manufacturing site ensure the products meet  your specifications and the requirements of the target market. Deviations from standards or  specifications are detected as early as possible to allow time to rework the products.  Inspections are done during the production process or before shipment and help to ship your order in time and protect your investment.

 Inspection types:   

  • Initial Production Inspection - at the start of the production, to ensure the products can be produced with the expected quality and in quantities as ordered. Additional product and lab tests can be done to verify its compliance with legal requirements, standards and order specifications
  • During Production Inspection (DuPro) - at an early stage of the production to ensure that the production schedule is on-time and the products are built as ordered. Product defects due to production problems can be identified at an early stage. The Manufacturer can adjust the production process and re-work already manufactured products. Additional lab tests of randomly picked samples ensure that the products are safe, marketable and of the desired quality
  • Final Random or Pre Shipment Inspection (FRI/PSI) - prior to shipment with min. 80% of products produced and packed for shipment a random sample check finally ensures that you get what you ordered. The final shipment quantity is checked; the content of the product packaging and the documentation is verified. We check the labelling of the products (rating plates, barcodes price tags, etc.) and test the durability of the packaging. Functional tests and construction checks are carried out to ensure everything meets your expectations.

Inspection methods:

Inspections are done with a sampling plan according to AQL/ISO2859 or according to customer's special requirements. We also offer the following services to assist you during your order processes:

Construction Check - to verify the conformity of a product with order specifications.

Safety Test - to check the product's compliance with safety standards and legal requirements of the target market.

Chemical Test - to verify the quality of the materials and test for hazardous and critical substances (RoHS, SVHC, LFGB, heavy metals, azo dyes, lead, phthalates, etc.)

Fit-For-Use Test

Performance and Lifetime Test - to verify if the product reaches the expected lifetime and performs as desired.

User Manual Test - to make sure that professional and high quality products come with understandable and correct manuals and instruction for assembly and maintenance.

Document Check - a verification of the product documentation, rating plates, barcodes, manuals, markings.
Package Test - drop tests, impact tests, leakage and resistance tests to make sure products will not suffer during shipment reach the destination in mint condition.

Product Scope


Electrical Products
A/V Products, Accessories (cable and adapters), Audio Equipment, Car Electronics, Personal/Office Electronics, Photography Equipment, Video Equipment, Computer Parts and Peripherals, Household Appliances, Power Tools.

Household Articles, Kitchenware, Tableware, Ceramics, Home Decoration

Auto Part & Accessory Manufacturers
Auto Safety, Automotive Equipment, Vehicle Accessories, Vehicle Parts


Hardware & DIY
Mechanical & Electrical Equipment, Building Supplies, General Hardware, Industrial Supplies, Lawn & Garden Tools, Lighting,

Electrical Installation, Sanitary Ware, Plumbing Tools

Furniture & Furnishing
Office Chairs, Outdoor Furniture, Shelves, DIY Furniture, Tables

Sports & Leisure
Bikes, Skaters, Camping, Fitness Equipment, Sporting Goods


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