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Eurofins Product Testing - Certification RED

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Based on the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU Eurofins has been accredited as Notified Body by the Federal Network Agency of Germany (Bundesnetzagentur) and assigned the EC-registration - number 0681.

Eurofins is able to assess radio Equipment regarding the essential requirements, namely effective use of radio frequency spectrum, EMC, electrical safety and health requirements. Basis of the assessment is the Technical Construction File (TCF). This TCF shall contain all technical information of the device including test reports about EMC, effective use of radio frequency spectrum, electrical safety and health (for further details see paragraph below).

The scopes of our experience comprise the procedures according to Annex III, Annex IV.

Contents of TCF/TD (Technical Construction File/ Technical Documentation)

  • a general description of the product
  • conceptual design and manufacturing drawings and schemes of components, sub-assemblies, circuits, etc.
  • descriptions and explanations necessary for the understanding of said drawings and schemes and the operation of the product
  • a list of the standards referred to in Article 5, applied in full or in part, and descriptions and explanations of the solutions adopted to meet the essential requirements of the Directive where such standards referred to in Article 5 have not been applied or do not exist
  • results of design calculations made, examinations carried out, etc.
  • test suite (if applicable acc. to Annex II)
  • test reports
  • declaration of conformity
  • EU Type Examination of the Notified Body (if issued)

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