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Eurofins Product Testing - CB Scheme

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The CB Scheme is based on the use of CB Test Certificates. These certify that representative specimen of a product have successfully passed tests to show compliance with the requirements of the relevant IEC standard. A supplementary report providing evidence of compliance with declared national differences in order to obtain national certification or approval may also be attached to the CB Test Report. Eurofins as German NCB (National Certification Body) is operating in the CB-Scheme accepted as an Issuing and Recognizing NCB. Such an NCB is prepared to recognize CB Test Certificates as a basis for certification or approval at national level for one or more categories of products. Furthermore an NCB is entitled to issue CB Test Certificates for the categories of equipment for which it recognizes CB Test Certificates.

For the following product groups Eurofins offers safety and EMC test and certification services according to the NCB and CBTLs recognition scheme:

  • Switches and Controls

  • Household

  • Measuring Instruments

  • IT and Office Equipment

  • Electronics Entertainment

  • Installation

  • Safety of Transformers

  • Lighting

Eurofins listing at IECEE.

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